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Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. is a reputed name in the Textile and Yarn manufacturers industry in Bangladesh. This venture is a sister concern of KARIM GROUP. It is one of the most successful additions to the Karim Group after great success of Karim Jute Spinners Ltd. & Abdul Karim Ltd. The Textile factory started its journey at Kalampur, Dhamrai of Dhaka district in March 2006 and began its production in April 2007. Back then, it had 69-Ring of 35,605 Spindles. In 2008, the management board decided on an expansion and included 27-Ring of 13,932 Spindles. Today, the factory has 96-Ring of 49,537 Spindles with a daily production capacity of 30 tons on an average. The factory is in the process of expansion to incorporate more variations in production items as well as to increase the production level to 50 tons/day. We are the manufacturer of high-quality 100% cotton yarn. Our policy is to provide our clients with the most satisfactory service and products within our capacity. Since the beginning, we have always been praised for our high-quality products and services. We give utmost consideration to raw materials available in international market. Our industry has set a benchmark in the yarn market by our sincere effort, hard work and dedication. We all are devoted to maintain our customers’ faith in us. The whole production and manufacturing process comply with both national and international rules and standards. We earn positive feedback and dominance by providing on-time delivery. Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. always recruits capable workforces to achieve required growth and development. Our trained staffs have been producing premier-quality cotton yarn since 2006 by using high-tech machinery. Al-Haj Karim Textiles Ltd. is an OEKO-TEX, BCI and Organic (GOTS & OCS) certified company.


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Our Work

Our Product :

We are producing 100% Cotton Yarn like ..

100% Cotton Carded Yarn

100% Cotton Combed Yarn

100% Cotton Slub Yarn

Count range:

10s ~ 40s Ne

New Product:

Cotton/Polyester Blended Yarn and Rotor Yarn will add within next December’22.



We are Oeko-Tex Certified factory and we have also Organic certificate-GOTS & OCS, BCI, CMiA, GRS, RCS.


Production Capacity:

Our daily production capacity is 30 MT Ring Yarn and within next December’22 another 80 MT Ring yarn will add. Also one Rotor Unit (15MT/Day) will come within this time.


Use of Raw Material:

Currently, we are using Cotton fibre from Benin, Senegal,Mali,Brazil and India for organic fibre. But we have plan to use Cotton fibre from USA and Australia for contra free Yarn.


Yarn Quality:

Quality is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It starts from selection of raw cotton, which plays most important role in determining the best quality products. The mill collects selected raw cotton from international market with worldwide-accepted parameters.


SL Section Machine Brand Origin
1 Blow Room Uniflock Rieter Switzerland
2 Blow Room Uniclean Rieter Switzerland
3 Blow Room Unimix Rieter Switzerland
4 Blow Room Uniflex Rieter Switzerland
5 Blow Room Magic Eye (P.P Protector) Magic Eye Jossi Switzerland
6 Carding Carding C60 and C70 Rieter Switzerland
7 Drawing Drawing Rieter Switzerland
8 Lap Former Lap Former Rieter Switzerland
9 Comber Comber Rieter Switzerland
10 Simplex Simplex FL-200 Toyota Japan
11 Ring Ring Marjuli China
12 Finishing Process Coner 21C (With P.P Sencor) Murata Japan
13 Quality Lab Twist Tester Wira UK
14 Quality Lab Tension Meter Wira UK
15 Quality Lab Hand Moisture Meter Wira UK
16 Quality Lab Lea Strength Tester Eureka India
17 Quality Lab HVI Spectrum Uster USA
18 Quality Lab Uster Tester-5 Uster Swiss
19 Quality Lab UsterAfis Pro Uster USA
20 Yarn Conditioning Yarn Conditioner Sara ELGI India
21 Humidification Plant Complete LUWA Swiss
22 Generator Gas Generator Cater Pillar USA
23 Chiller Chiller 1880-ton LG Korea
24 Compressor Compressor Kaeser Germany
25 Ring Slub Attachment Pinter Italy

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