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The jute industry is the prime and mother concern for our company. It started with Karim Jute Spinners Ltd (KJSL), which was incorporated in 1994. We are 100% export-oriented premium quality Jute products manufacturing industry and went into operation in 1995. As a successful concern of Karim Group, we are committed and renowned for producing the best quality jute products. In the jute Yarn & twine manufacturing industry Karim Jute Spinners Ltd is a reliable name. Within a few years, we become the single largest jute Yarn and Twine manufacturing industry in the country. Our factory is located in Kanaipur, Faridpur, Bangladesh and engaged in the business of manufacturing and sale of Jute products. We supply jute yarn & twine in accordance with specific demands of our valued customers. The whole company is managed and supervised by a highly professional management team with 4000 skilled workers. They are solely devoted and render their best support in production. Karim Jute Spinners Ltd is a reliable and leading name in Jute Yarn & Twine manufacturing market. KJSL solely formed and promoted by the late Al-haj Abdul Karim Miah, the Founding Chairman. We use top quality raw materials in production from the beginning. Based on our continuous success, we opened two more ventures. Jobaida Karim Jute Mills ltd & JK Jute and Burlap ltd are the prime example of our company's growth. Our production capacity is 100 Metric Tons yarn per day at Karim Jute Spinners Ltd while 120 Metric Tons yarn per day at Jobaida Karim Jute Mills ltd. Our potential customers are mainly from the Carpet Industry, Jute Bag/Cloth, Webbing, Automobile, shoe (Espadrille) industry as well as the Agricultural sectors. Our products are currently being exported to more than 100 countries across the globe. We produce High quality carpet yarns and twine which is suitable for running in 5M Looms. Our yarns are free from NPEO/APEO. IKEA &Walmart express their satisfaction on compliance of our factory standard & product quality.


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Our Products

Raw Materials

Since the beginning, we have used high-quality jute fiber as a raw material. Our factory is located in Faridpur District, famous for the best jute growing area in world. Karim Jute Spinners Ltd is now a well reputed Jute yarn & twine manufacturing industry in all over the world. 

Yarn & Twine Unit:

Sl Title Description Image
1 Make –up Wooden, Paper Cores, Coreless Spools with Conical and Parallel
2 Joints Weaver Knots, Spliced Joint, Staggered Knots
3 Count Range 4 Lbs to 300 Lbs
4 Ply Single to 12 Ply
5 Quality CRM, CRT CRX, CRP, Improved Grade Scanned (IGS), High Grade Scanned (HGS) and Axminister. with normal, Sacking & CB.
6 Sacking & Hessian 20 Lbs to 300 Lbs
7 Other Quality Fuse Yarn, Tobaco Twine, Garden Twine, Jute Rope. Binder Rope, Bleached Yarn, Espadrille.
8 Packing Truss, Pallets, Cartoons
9 Rope Single stand to 6 Stands.
10 Spool Packing 50g to 20Kgs (Cartoon, Truss & Pallet)
11 Spools weight 50g to 20 Kgs
12 Bundles Packing 90” reel, 900-1000g hanks, 50kgs bundles & 200-250kgs bale
13 Ball 50g to 1000g (Cartoon, Truss & Pallet)
14 Cut Fiber Long Jute Cut 25 mm-200 mm
15 Sliver Raw Jute Sliver
16 Upcoming Dyed Yarn, Coated Yarn, Polished Yarn.

Composite Unit:

Sl Title Description Type Image
1 Ordinary Hessian Hessian Cloth, Tobaco Sheets, Nursery Sheets, Nursery Squares, Nursery Liners, Sprial Tube, Sand Bags, Rice Bags, Potato bags, Hessian Cloth, Jute Tape, Fine Fabric. Hessian Bag
2 Food Grade Hessian Hessian Cloth, Tobaco Sheets, Nursery Sheets, Nursery Squares, Nursery Liners, Sand Bags, Rice Bags, Potato bags, Hessian Cloth, Jute Tape, Potato Bags, Coffee Bags. Coffee Bag
3 Fulbright Slippery Bags, BAXMATIC Bag, Decoration Fabric, Potato Bags, Gift Bags and other as per buyer’s required. BAXMATIC
4 Bleached Slippery Bags, BAXMATIC Bags, Potato Bags, Fine Fabric, Decoration Fabric, Coffee Bags, Gift Bags & other as per buyer’s required. Bleached
5 Soil Saver Bales, Roll on paper tube, Coreless roll, Roll on pallet. Roll
6 Sacking B.Twills, Binola, D.W Floor Bags, Coffee Bags, D.W Bag
7 Packing Each side upto 7 colors (AZO Free Water Base Screen Print) Printing Picture
8 Upcoming Shopping Bags, Espadrille Shopping Bag

Quality Control (QC)

We have a Quality Control Policy. To comply with the policy, a Quality Control Department, with technically experienced and skilled manpower ensures improvement of Product Quality.


Our QC department is independent with latest and modern equipment. Our quality system is customer-used driven and involves all the employees at different levels from workforce up to the top management. We show zero tolerance on our quality management system and maintenance schedules of all machineries are strictly followed.


We have a Research and Development (R&D) Department for continuous improvement of Quality and Equipment modernization. We earned good reputation for quality product with customers’ full satisfaction & on time shipment.

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