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Founder's Biography

Business is not only making profit, but also making differences.

Late Al-Haj Abdul Karim Miah



Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Al-Hajj Abdul Karim Miah was born into a noble Muslim Family on 1st January 1925 in District of Faridpur (Historically Fatehbad), one of the oldest cities during British India. He was the second son of his father, Al-Hajj Aizuddin Miah, who was also a well-known personality in the business arena at that time. Abdul Karim Miah was brought up and educated at his home town with his parents. He was associated very closely with his father’s large jute trading business since his adulthood. Abdul Karim Miah took over the business steering independently in mid-forties of last century and by the grace of Allah the business began to flourish.


He expanded single handed businesses as jute & food grain trader, brick manufacturer, fertilizer dealer, first class government contractor & supplier. He established his businesses as diversified conglomerate in south-central part of Bangladesh.


Through his wisdom, strong will, relentless efforts and farsightedness, his success culminated as an industrialist. He established Karim Jute Spin­ners Ltd, the 100% export-oriented Jute Yarn and Twine mills in the district of Faridpur, Bangladesh and broaden his business horizon to Middle East, USA & Europe.


Abdul Karim Miah involved his able three sons with the business since 1990 and continued for a decade till he fell sick. Meanwhile, the company emerged as a reliable group of company in the local and international market.  He then left his business venture in the care of his worthy sons, the third-generation with long trail of business success. After his demise in January 2002, his three competent sons, the present owners, developed all the sectors and multiplied in manifold the busi­ness establishments he left. The eldest son Md Jahangir Miah was nominated by the then management board as Chairman of Karim Group while other two sons as Vice Chairman.